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Daily Silk Scrunchies

Daily Silk Scrunchies

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Experience daily luxury with our Daily Silk Scrunchies, designed to care for your hair with the soft touch of pure silk. Silk is known to be superior to satin or silk blends, providing moisture retention and protection against knots and mats. Each scrunchie features durable elastic bands for a soft, comfortable, and secure hold.

  • Material: Crafted from pure silk, our scrunchies offer better care for your hair compared to satin or silk blends. Keep your hair moist and protected, thanks to the natural qualities of silk.
  • Elastic Bands: Each scrunchie contains durable elastic bands, ensuring a soft and secure hold. Easy to wear, these scrunchies fix your hair firmly without causing discomfort.

Silk Scrunchies Details:

Size: Diameter - 10cm/3.9in, Width - 3.5cm/1.4in, Maximum stretch up to 18cm/7in.
Variants: Choose from a stylish range of colors - Wine Red, Champagne, Pink, and Rubber Red, allowing you to match your scrunchie to your mood or outfit.

Suitable for most people and any hair length, our Daily Silk Scrunchies provide a secure fit, tying around your hair at least twice. Elevate your everyday hairstyling routine with the natural benefits and elegant touch of pure silk.

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