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Pearl Hair Pin Set - Bridal Tiaras U-shaped Hairpin Forks

Pearl Hair Pin Set - Bridal Tiaras U-shaped Hairpin Forks

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Elevate your hairstyling with our exquisite Pearl Hair Pin Set, featuring U-shaped hairpin forks that exude timeless beauty. Crafted from high-quality alloy and adorned with dazzling rhinestones in a crystal silver color, these hairpins are designed to be both visually stunning and practical. The meticulous design ensures a secure hold without compromising comfort, making them the perfect companions for various hairstyles.

The hairpins undergo an exquisite electroplating and polishing process, enhancing their durability, preventing fading, and providing a glossy and wear-resistant finish. The intricate tessellation technology adds a touch of spirituality and quality, making each pin a unique and charming accessory.

With an attractive three-dimensional design, these hairpins are not just functional but also fashionable, adding a bright and exquisite flair to your look. Versatile for all occasions, formal or casual, these hair accessories are sure to add charm to every moment.

Pearl Hair Pin Set Details 

  • 7 * Hairpins
  • Height: 8cm
  • Width: 2cm
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