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Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

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Introducing our Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies, the epitome of elegance and care for your hair. Crafted from 100% silk with a beautiful luster, these scrunchies are a Grade 6A premium quality accessory that is not only gentle on your hair but also durable, soft, and completely traceless.
  • Material: Made from 100% Silk, our scrunchies offer a luxurious feel and are superior in quality (Grade 6A). They are gentle on your hair, durable, soft, and leave no trace.
  • Hair Care: Silk has unique benefits for your hair. Unlike other satin materials or silk blends, these scrunchies keep your hair moist and protect it from becoming knotted and matted.
  • Elastic Bands: Each scrunchy contains durable elastic bands, ensuring a secure yet gentle hold. Soft and easy to wear, it fixes your hair firmly without causing any damage.

Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies Details 

Size: Diameter - 10cm/3.9in, Width - 3.5cm/1.4in, Maximum stretch up to 18cm/7in.
Color Options: Choose from our variant colors – Black, Navy, Khaki, and Silver to match your style effortlessly.

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